American Promise 28th Amendment Pledge Drive Underway

The 28th Amendment Committee of New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics (NMMOP) is now engaged in a pledge drive, promoting the American Promise (AP) 28th Amendment Candidate and Elected Official Pledge.

The Pledge is a way for candidates and elected officials at all levels to support – and pledge to use their office to advance – a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution: limiting the undue influence of money in politics; protecting equal representation for all Americans; and preserving constitutional rights and liberties for people, not legal entities such as corporations and special interests.

American Promise is a national nonprofit organization, and the AP Pledge is a national effort. NMMOP, as a statewide organization affiliated with AP, has embarked on the initial phase of our AP Pledge drive, encompassing the offices of New Mexico’s State and US Representatives and Senators, as well as Santa Fe City Council and Mayor, Santa Fe County Commission, New Mexico’s Governor, and several other state positions.

NM MOP has organized a structure for volunteer participation in the AP Pledge, providing materials, guidance, and record-keeping, with the intention of educating and impacting as many individuals as possible about this important issue, and moving closer to winning a 28th Amendment

We invite you to consider joining our efforts. For more information, or to sign up for a specific candidate or elected official, contact

See 28th Amendment Committee for more information.