Act Now

Things you can do right now to further the effort toward a 28th Amendment:

1. Join NMMOP and become a member of the NMMOP 28th Amendment Committee

Become an active member of NMMOP and of this active working group. We work closely with American Promise and other national and local organizations, doing what we can to educate and take action toward this important cause.  We lobby our MOCs for the 28th Amendment.  We also have a “Writing the 28th Amendment” initiative and a Muni cipal Resolution initiative to get municipalities across New Mexico to adopt a resolution urging Congress to adopt a 28th Amendment To join the NMMOP 28th Amendment Committee, email

2. Consider joining NMMOP’s partner, American Promise, attending national teleconference calls and getting the American Promise Newsletter

In addition to being a member of New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics, consider signing up for membership in American Promise and regularly attending  the Second Monday Citizen Action national teleconference calls. By joining American Promise you can gain access to lots of great resources, and be connected to an active source of 28th Amendment activism.  Your member contributions can be as low or high as you choose. Finally, sign up for the American Promise Newsletter and keep up to date with the national effort to secure the 28th Amendment. Click HERE to sign up.

3. “Like” and “Follow” both NMMOP and American Promise  on Facebook

Visit New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics on Facebook and click on “like” and “follow” there. The page offers current news and opinions and announcements of local activities.

Visit American Promise on Facebook, then click on “like” and “follow.” The page offers announcements of activities taking place nationally, introductions to Pledge signers, and lots of interesting and inspiring material on the 28th Amendment movement.

4. Review the “Seven Ways to Make History in 15 Minutes a Week” publication from American Promise

Download the “Seven Ways to Make History in 15 Minutes a Week” handout which is a great list of do-able things you can start on right away, either on your own, or in collaboration with American Promise, or with NMMOP.

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