New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics Invites You to a Holiday Party

Celebrate NMMOP’s Successful 2018 at Joe’s Dining on December 7

We are gathering at Joe’s Dining to celebrate the holidays and the progress NMMOP has made toward reviving our democracy. Colleagues, friends and family are welcome to join us for a cocktail Party with substantial finger food and a cash bar.

When: Friday, December 7 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Where: Joe’s Dining, 2801 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe
Cost: $18/person, including tax and gratuity

RSVP by December 4.
Mail checks to: NM MOP, PO BOX 6701, SANTA FE, NM 87502 by December 4, or pay at the door.

Good News Stories From the Midterm Elections

by Rebecca Álvarez

Across the nation, voters are deciding to fix what has been broken in our democracy.

In Florida, the Voting Rights Amendment restored the right to vote to ex-felons (except those convicted of murder or sex crimes). The pre-existing law stripping suffrage from these people was originally enacted to oppress African Americans during the Jim Crow era. The number of potential voters affected by this is between 840,000 and 1.4 million people. For a comparison, 840,000 is more people than the entire state populations of Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, or Wyoming!

Voters successfully addressed the pervasive issue of gerrymandering in many states.
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The National Popular Vote and You

At our General Meeting on September 15, Ute Haker will talk about the National Popular Vote Coalition of New Mexico – what they are working toward and how we can support their efforts going into this Legislative season.

The “National Popular Vote Coalition of New Mexico” is a joint effort of citizen groups from across New Mexico who have come together to help pass New Mexico’s National Popular Vote bill during the 2019 legislative session Continue reading “The National Popular Vote and You”

Cordingley Joins NMMOP Board

Recently Robert Cordingley was elected to the New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics board of directors following the resignation of Ishwari Solluhub. Robert has been an active MOP member for almost two years. He is MOP’s webmaster and a member of the outreach committee. The MOP board is very fortunate to have Robert with his expertise in developing websites, project management and related matters.

Welcome aboard, Robert!