We Win One: City of Santa Fe to Defend Its Disclosure Bill

According to Heather Ferguson, Legislative Director of Common Cause, New Mexico, on the advice of the City Attorney, the Mayor and City Council have reversed course and decided to defend its Disclosure bill against the Rio Grande Foundation lawsuit. It is tremendous that at least in this instance, pressure from Common Cause, Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and organizations like Retake Our Democracy has resulted in a win for our community. The City will utilize the legal expertise of the CLC and, according to the CLC estimation will have a 90% chance of success in defending itself against Rio Grande Foundation’s bullying lawsuit.

First reported by Retake Our Democracy.

Update – Dec 13, 2017: The city officially withdrew it’s proposal to alter campaign finance disclosure rules and to proceed with defending the lawsuit. For more information see this article in the Santa Fe New Mexican. The case now goes to court.