Follow up Thank You Letter to Pledge Signers

Dear [Candidate]

Thank you for signing the American Promise 28th Amendment Candidate and Elected Official Pledge.  You have taken an important step towards bringing true representative democracy back in the United States of America.

Your American Promise graphic is now on-line! To view the graphic, or to grab and copy and use it elsewhere, go to .  Scroll to the slideshow and below that click on “view and download all of these graphics here” and find your graphic (among lots of great company!)

Thanks again for being a signer. We hope to collaborate with you in the future on realizing our common goal of a 28th Amendment regulating political spending.

Unless you object, you will be signed up for the American Promise newsletter and the New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics mailing list. You may be featured occasionally, along with other pledge signers, in both locations.

Please consider going onto the Facebook pages of both American Promise and New Mexicans for Money Out of Politicsto stay up to date on activities relative to this important issue. Both Facebook pages also feature pledged candidates and elected officials from time to time.



for American Promise and New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics

[telephone number]