HJM 10 “Pass Fix It America Constitutional Amendment” passes NM Legislature!

by Ishwari Sollohub
Vice President, NM MOP

The good news keeps coming on HJM 10. It passed the Senate floor on February 13: 26 to 15. On February 14 HJM 10 went back to the house where it received concurrence, due to having been amended in the Senate.

The original language of HJM 10 was weakened somewhat on its journey through the system, but it did pass. HJM 10 and amendments can be found at www.nmlegis.gov (pdf).

A great big “thank you” to all who worked on this memorial. Some attended a hearing, some sent emails, some may have called or texted. We’ll never know exactly how much impact these actions had, but I like to believe our efforts did help, and in the end, it passed!

Keep up the good work, everyone.