Report on NMMOP’s Lobbying Training

We are getting ready for the Legislative Session!
About 30 people attended our legislative lobbying training last Saturday, January 5. We got expert advice from four presenters on how to effectively lobby our NM legislators.

Cliff Rees demonstrated how the NM legislature works as well as effective methods of interacting with our legislators. Cliff is Director of Policy and Legislative Liaison for New Mexico Lt. Governor Howie Morales.

David Thompson illustrated how to track specific bills using the NM legislative website David is the legislative organizer for Retake Our Democracy.

John House, NMMOP’s newly-elected president, addressed the requirements regarding when one must register as a lobbyist. Ishwari Sollohub, NMMOP’s 28th Amendment Committee Chair, explained the various ways volunteers can help NMMOP lobby or advocate for bills during the legislature.

If you would like to help, please contact Ishwari Sollohub. Thanks for pitching in.