Take Action – 2019 NM Legislative Session

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NMMOP  is making it easy to advocate for certain important bills that NMMOP is supporting. Email updates are being sent out, providing information about which bills are scheduled for hearings, including the name of the Committee, date, time, and location. Also included is a list of Committee members and their contact information, to make it easy to call and/or email your legislators in support of the bill(s).

Once a bill is scheduled for a hearing, things can move quickly. We recommend signing up to receive our email updates directly. To receive email updates, contact Ishwari Sollohub at ishwarisollohub12@gmail.com. Provide your name, email, phone number, address (include your House and Senate Districts, if you know them). We will do our best to keep you apprised of the status of these bills.


This section is outdated. For current updates, go back to home page and click topmost article: “Take Action” (in quotes).

January 20, 2019 Update:

Four of the bills we are watching have been scheduled for hearings.

Bill numbers HB55 (National Popular Vote), HB57 (Restore Felon Voting Rights), HB84 (Automatic Voter Registration at MVD and Elsewhere), and HB86 (Election Day and Early Voting Registration) are currently scheduled for a hearing with the House State Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee (HSEIC) on Wednesday, January 23, at 8:30am, in Room 305 at the Roundhouse.

LATE-BREAKING (January 22, 8:30 pm):  SB 191 is also scheduled (Senate Rules Committee -SRC) for January 23, at 8 am in Room 321. Since these committees are being held at the same time, you may need to choose which one to attend if you plan to be there in person. See below (LATE BREAKING) for more details.

Please consider calling and/or emailing the members of this committee to express your support of these bills. As always, be sure to be courteous, concise, and accurate. If a Representative or Senator is from your district, be sure to tell them that you are a constituent.

Scroll down for Committee member information and talking points on these bills.

If the committee member you are contacting is a sponsor of the bill, or if you already know they are supporting the bill, thank them, instead of asking them to support it. They greatly appreciate that, and they appreciate that you know something about them and are taking the time to say thanks.

If you can, we encourage you to also attend the hearing in person at the Roundhouse.

If you know others who care about this issue -particularly people outside of the Santa Fe area -please forward this information to them and invite them to participate also. Representatives and Senators very often care about what their constituents want, and your call or email could make the difference in how a vote is cast.

Be aware that things change quickly; to be sure a bill has not been rescheduled, you can go to www.nmlegis.gov and click on the Committees tab at the top, then select the committee and check the agenda for that day. You can also click on the name of the Chair of that committee, and call their office number, to speak with a staff member.

To learn more about the bills, go to nmlegis.gov and click on the Legislation tab at the top, then click on “find legislation by number” and put the relevant info into the four fields, then click “Search.”

Also under the Legislation tab, there are two very helpful video tutorials. I highly recommend watching these, to learn how to use the nmlegis website.

Again, thanks so much for your participation. This is Democracy at work!

House State Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee (HSEIC)  (HB 55, HB 57, HB 84, HB 86)

Chair, Dist. 26, Georgene Louis, (D) capitol (505) 986-4327, home (505) 250-7932,  georgene.louis@nmlegis.gov

Vice Chair, Dist. 5, D. Wonda Johnson, (D) capitol (505) 986-4236, dwonda.johnson@nmlegis.gov

Dist. 18, Gail Chasey, (D) capitol (505) 986-4411, office (505) 246-2221, home (505) 266-5191, gail@gailchasey.com

Dist. 23, Daymon Ely, (D) capitol (505) 986-4336, office (505) 248-0370, home (505) 610-6529, daymon.ely@nmlegis.gov

Dist. 15, Dayan Hochman-Vigil, (D) office (505) 288-3500, home (505) 948-2320, dayan.hochman-vigil@nmlegis.gov

Dist. 65, Derrick Lente, (D) capitol (505) 986-4433, home (505) 507-3063, derrick.lente@nmlegis.gov

Dist. 59, Greg Nibert, (R) capitol (505) 986-4211, office (572) 622-6510, home (575) 317-1050, greg.nibert@nmlegis.gov

Dist. 31, William “Bill” Rehm, (R) capitol (505) 986-4214, home (505) 259-3398, bill.rehm@nmlegis.gov

Dist. 63, Martin Zamora, (R) home (575) 309-2334, martin.zamora@nmlegis.gov

LATE BREAKING ( JANUARY 22, 8:30 PM): To see Senate Rules Committee members, go to: https://nmlegis.gov/Committee/Standing_Committee?CommitteeCode=SRC

Due to the last-minute nature of this information, we do not have talking points for SB 191. It is part of the group of bills known as the “Rocket Docket – bills that were passed with bipartisan support in the previous legislative session, and vetoed by Governor Martinez. It is being fast-tracked, meaning that once it passes in SRC, it will go directly to the Senate Floor.

To read SB 191, go to https://nmlegis.gov/Sessions/19%20Regular/bills/senate/SB0191.pdf

Talking Points

HB 55 – National Popular Vote

Bill enacts a Compact among the states to elect the President by the national popular vote, regardless of who wins the presidential election in New Mexico, or any other particular state. The Compact only takes effect once enough states with a collective number of 270 electoral votes (enough to elect a President) join the Compact.

  1. The Compact would eliminate “so-called’ battleground states in a presidential election and make candidates more likely to campaign in all states, including New Mexico. Currently, presidential candidates have no reason to pay attention to issues concerning voters in states where the outcome is a foregone conclusion. In 2012 general-election campaign events were held in only 12 states. Thirty-eight states were ignored completely.
  2. It would provide a direct correlation between the country’s popular vote outcome and the election results, thereby helping to regain NM voters’ trust in our elections and ensure their voices are equal to every voter across the country.
  3. It would make every vote equal nationwide, since all American voters would determine the presidential election outcome regardless of where they live or how the majority of voters in their state voted.
  4. It would increase the probability of higher voter turnouts in New Mexico as well as nationwide because all votes would count equally.
  5. It prevents someone from becoming president who did not receive the most votes nationwide. Five of our 45 Presidents came into office without winning the most popular votes nationwide; the 2000 and 2016 elections are most recent examples.
  6. The bill is a legislative priority of Common Cause New Mexico.

HB 57-Restore Felon Voting Rights

Bill repeals cancellation of voter’s registration after felony conviction.

  1. Cancelling felon voting rights discriminates against low income and minorities, who represent a larger portion of the felon population than other segments of the population.
  2. The courts prescribe appropriate penalties for felony convictions. There should not be an additional penalty.
  3. The elimination of voting rights does not deter criminal activity.
  4. The complexity of identifying felon status is an obstacle that County Clerks have often cited as part of their resistance to expanding voter registration close to Election Day. The removal of felons from the eligible voters exclusion list will reduce County Clerks’ opposition to expanding voter registration, such as provided for in SB 52, which permits registration and voting up to 3 days before an election at early voting sites. HB 57 is a worthwhile trade off to expand early voting.

HB 84/SB 50 – Automatic Voter Registration

Bill provides for automatic voter registration and updating of voter registration records using a secure electronic process at the MVD and certain other state agencies.

  1. This bill will significantly increase the pool of registered voters.
  2. It will strengthen democracy in New Mexico by increasing voter participation and turnout in our elections.
  3. The bill is a legislative priority of Common Cause New Mexico.
  4. The NM Secretary of State’s Office supports HB 84 and SB 50.

HB 86 – Election Day & Early Voting Registration

Bill provides for voter registration at polling places on Election Day and at early voting sites for primary and general elections.

  1. This bill will significantly increase the pool of registered voters.
  2. It will strengthen democracy in New Mexico by increasing voter participation and turnout in our elections.
  3. Fifteen states and the District of Columbia allow same-day voter registration.
  4. The NM Secretary of State’s Office supports HB 86.


The following is an evolving list of the bills we are supporting.

Voter Registration:

HB 57, Restore Felon Voting Rights,            Chasey

HB 84, Auto Voter Reg at MVD and Other State Agencies Providing Services to People with Disabilities (same as SB50),          Ely, Sarinana, Caballero

SB 50, State Agency Auto Voter Registration (MVD, Other Agencies Serving the Disables (ame as HB84) ,          Steinborn

HB 86, Election Day & Early Voting Registration,           Ely, Sarinana, Steinborn

SB 52, Register to Vote 3 Days Prior to Election at Early Voting Sites, Steinborn, Caballero

HB 249, Native American Voting Task Force,               Lente

Campaign Finance

SB 3, Campaign Finance Reporting,        Wirth

SB 4, Campaign Public Finance Changes,           Wirth

National Popular Vote

HB 55, National Popular Vote,            Stewart,Chasey, Cisneros, Ely, Caballero

Open Primaries

HB 93, Primary Election Participation by Decline to State Voters,              Ely


HB 131, Post-Session Lobbying Reports,           Thompson, Liz, Jeff Steinborn

HB 140, Employer Estimated Lobbyist Reports,          Thompson, Steinborn

SB 191, Lobbyist Reporting Requirements,                   Ivey-Soto


HB 169, Public Corruption Act,                McQueen

Article V Convention

HJR 4, Free and Fair Election Amendment Convention,               Christine Trujillo