Campaign Finance

Our efforts to reform the practices of campaign finance in the United States and the laws that govern them cover a broad spectrum issues and require different strategies and efforts.

An Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

There is currently a national effort to have the U.S. Congress adopt, and for the States to ratify, an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to reform campaign finance practices in this country. This movement seeks to stop corruption and establish equal participation and representation in the campaign process  by reversing the U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous  decisions  Buckley v. Valeo, Citizens United v. FEC, Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s Freedom Club PAC v. Bennett, McCutcheon v. FEC and other related cases that have substantially crippled the ability of the federal, state and local governments to effectively regulate campaign contributions and expenditures.

Amendments have been proposed in both houses of Congress since 2011 after the rendering of the Citizens United v. FEC decision in 2010. (See here). Some amendments that have been proposed also seek to refute the doctrine of “corporate” personhood and clarify that corporations and other artificial entities created by law were not intended to and do not have rights under the U.S. Constitution.

RUNM supports the effort to amend the U.S. Constitution to enable the federal, state and local governments to effectively regulate and or prohibit campaign contributions and expenditures.  It doe so at the federal level by supporting certain proposed amendment resolutions introduced in Congress and by urging our NM members of Congress to support them.  New Mexico has already passed House Joint Memorial 10 in 2018 encouraging Congress to adopt such. an amendment.  RUNM helped in that effort.  On the local level, RUNM has a model resolution in favor of adoption of such a constitutional  amendment and is urging municipal governments across the state to adopt it. (See a separate page about the municipal resolution).  More than 800 municipalities across the nation have adopted similar resolutions.  This nationwide grassroots effort has significant power to motivate Congress and to prepare state legislatures for ratification.


The identity(ies) of donors and amount(s) of campaign contributions and expenditures should be fully disclosed to the public so that voters may know and understand who is supporting candidates and ballot measures and initiatives.   RUNM supports the of federal, state and local laws and regulations to increase transparency through better disclosure and reporting.

Pubic Campaign Finance 

Public campaign finance measures, particularly small donor matching programs can have a large impact on reducing the effect of big money in our political campaigns.  RUNM supports national and state legislation and municipal ordinances to create and enhance such programs.

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