28th Amendment

 28th Amendment Committee

Chair: Ishwari Sollohub 28tham@nmmop.org

The 28th Amendment Committee is dedicated to the ultimate passage of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, overturning the effects of the Supreme Court’s decisions in Buckley v. Valeo,  Citizens United v. FEC, McCutcheon v. FEC and several other similar campaign finance law decisions that prevent the federal,  state and local government from being able to effectively regulate and limit campaign spending.

The Committee’s efforts include:

Education and Training – We are continually working together with American Promise, a national organization whose sole purpose is the creation and passage of a 28th Amendment, to help educate the people of New Mexico  about the undemocratic effects of allowing virtually unlimited amounts of money to pour into our elections, much of it secret, from wealthy individuals, giant corporations and special interest groups.  

Pledge Drive – We are working with American Promise  to get New exican candidates and elected officials at all levels of government to sign the American Promise Candidates and Elected Officials 28th Amendment Pledge  publicly committing themselves  to embrace and champion this effort.

NM MOP version of a 28th Amendment – Our Language Subcommittee has drafted specific language for such an amendment, which has been included by American Promise in its Writing the 28th Amendment project..

28th Amendment Resolution – The Resolutions Committee  has written a model 28th Amendment Resolution that we are making available to city, town and county governments across New Mexico and urging them to adopt expressing support for a 28th Amendment. The purpose of this effort is  to continue building grassroots momentum toward the eventual ratification of a 28th Amendment.

Lobbying – We are working to get New Mexico’s  Congresspersons to sponsor and/or co-sponsor 28th Amendment legislation.

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American Promise 28th Amendment Pledge Drive 

The 28th Amendment Committee of New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics )is engaging in a pledge drive, promoting the American Promise 28th Amendment Candidate and Elected Official Pledge.

Check out the American Promise Pledge Database for a list of elected officials and candidates who have signed the pledge; you may have to scroll down their page. You can search for New Mexico signers by typing ‘NM’ in their Search box.

The Pledge is a way for candidates and elected officials at all levels to support – and pledge to use their office to advance – a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution limiting the undue influence of money in politics; protecting equal representation for all Americans; and preserving constitutional rights and liberties for people, not legal entities such as corporations and special interests.

The Committee has organized a structure for volunteer participation in the American Promise Pledge, providing materials, guidance, and record-keeping, with the intention of educating and impacting as many individuals as possible about this important issue, and moving closer to winning a 28th Amendment American Promise Candidates and Elected Officials 28th Amendment Pledge

We invite you to consider joining our efforts. For more information, or to sign up for a specific candidate or elected official, contact 28tham@nmmop.org.

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Proposed Draft 28th Amendment as of 3/25/18

Proposed Text of a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to Reform Private Campaign Finance in the United States of America

“That the following article is proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States:

“Article ___

“Section 1. This article is intended to protect the integrity and transparency of government and the electoral process, and to ensure that no one, as a result of his financial resources or capabilities, shall have undue influence upon elected governmental officials, the election of any candidate for public office or the success or failure of any ballot measure.

“Section 2. The rights protected by this Constitution are the rights of natural persons only. Artificial entities or constructs created pursuant to or authorized by the laws of a State, the United States or any foreign state have no rights under this Constitution and are subject to regulation by the People, through Federal, State or local law. Rights, benefits and privileges afforded to artificial entities by law shall not be construed to be inherent or inalienable.

“Section 3.  Only natural persons, and political parties and affiliated political committees that register with the appropriate governmental authorities empowered to regulate campaign contributions and expenditures within their jurisdictions, may make contributions to or incur expenditures for the benefit of any candidate for public office or in support of any ballot measure, or to oppose any candidate or ballot measure. Candidates shall only solicit and may only receive contributions from or benefit from the payment of expenditures made by natural persons, their political parties and affiliated political committees.  Political parties and affiliated political committees shall only solicit and may only receive contributions from or benefit from the payment of expenditures by natural persons. Candidates may not transfer funds contributed to them or benefits inuring to them to other candidates, or from one campaign to another.  Political parties and political committees operating at one level of government within a jurisdiction may transfer contribution funds or expenditure benefits only between or among themselves and to candidates running for office at that same level of government within their jurisdiction.

“Section 4.  Federal, State and local government shall regulate and limit and/or prohibit contributions and expenditures, including a candidate’s own contributions and expenditures.  They shall impose limits upon the amount of contributions to and the value of expenditures inuring to individual candidates, political parties and political committees, and upon the aggregate amount or value of contributions given and expenditures paid for by each donor or benefactor, whether made to candidates, political parties, political committees, or a combination thereof.  Such regulation, limitations and/or prohibitions shall also apply to contributions and expenditures made or incurred for the purpose of opposing the election of any candidate for public office or ballot measure.

“Section 5.  Federal, State, and local government shall enact legislation and make regulations and rules requiring all candidates, political parties and political committees to timely report to the appropriate governmental authorities sufficient information for the People to know who the financial supporters and opponents of candidates and ballot measures are, and what amounts are being contributed or expended by them.  Those governmental authorities charged with collecting such information shall publish it in a timely and effective manner to best inform the People.

“Section 6.  Federal, State and local government shall ensure the effective enforcement of legislation enacted and regulations and rules made pursuant to this article by providing adequate funding for the governmental authorities charged by them with regulating contributions and expenditures and through the establishment of effective methods of verification of compliance and meaningful penalties for violations thereof.

“Section 7. Legislation enacted and regulations and rules made pursuant to and consistent with this article shall not be construed to impermissibly abridge or infringe upon any of the rights of the People afforded them by this Constitution.”

The 28th Amendment Language Subcommittee:
John House, Laura Atkins, David Burling, Herb Faling and Debra Helper

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Act Now

Things you can do right now to further the effort toward a 28th Amendment:

1.  Consider joining American Promise, attending national teleconference calls and getting the American Promise Newsletter.

In addition to being a member of New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics, consider signing up for membership in American Promise and regularly attending  the Second Monday Citizen Action national teleconference calls. By joining American Promise you can gain access to lots of great resources, and be connected to an active source of 28th Amendment activism.  Your member contributions can be as low or high as you choose. Finally, sign up for the American Promise Newsletter and keep up to date with the national effort to secure the 28th Amendment. Click HERE to sign up.

Join American Promise.

2. “Like” and “Follow” both the American Promise and New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics on Facebook.

Visit American Promise on Facebook, then click on “like” and “follow.” The page offers announcements of actions taking place locally and nationally, introductions to Pledge signers, and lots of interesting and inspiring material on the 28th Amendment movement.

While you’re at it, visit New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics on Facebook and click on “like” and “follow” there.

3. Review the “Seven Ways to Make History in 15 Minutes a Week” publication from American Promise.

Download the “Seven Ways to Make History in 15 Minutes a Week” handout which is a great list of do-able things you can start on right away, either on your own, or in collaboration with American Promise, or with NM MOP.

4. Join the NM MOP 28th Amendment Committee

Become an active member of this work group. We work closely with American Promise and other national and local organizations, doing what we can to educate and take action toward this important cause.
Join the NM MOP 28th Amendment Committee by emailing 28tham@nmmop.org, or ishwarisollohub12@gmail,com.


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