Directors and Officers


Rebecca Álvarez
Hannah Burling
Sheila Burns
John House
Michele Korri



President, John House
Vice President, Rebecca Álvarez
Secretary/Treasurer, Hannah Burling

You can contact members of our Board via our Contact Us form.

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Board Announcements

BOD Meeting 5-28-18

  • NM MOP will begin publicizing the New Mexico signers of the American Promise 28th Amendment Candidate and Elected Official Pledge on our website, Facebook and via Mailchimp emails. As of this meeting, New Mexico has nine signers of the pledge.
  • NM MOP is beginning to work toward the formation of an Alliance for a Fair Political System, following the April 28 conference, Achieving a Fair Political System.
  • An Expenditures and Reimbursements policy was approved, along with a Request for Expenditures and Reimbursement form. The form will be made available soon.
  • Decision was made to pay a small stipend to intern Lydia Gonzales in recognition of her work with the NM MOP Outreach Survey and the conference.
  • Business cards have been ordered, including a supply that are “generic,” meaning there is no personal name or position printed. These cards will be made available to all members, as a convenient way to spread the word and invite others to learn about and become involved with NM MOP.
  • Plans will begin soon for a Fundraising drive/event, possibly a film screening event, and possibly a house party.
  • Beginning on July 7, we will be experimenting with changing the day and time of our General Meetings, to accommodate interested parties who are not able to attend on Monday evenings. The July 7 meeting will be at 10 am on a Saturday. Location to be announced.
  • The next General Meeting will be June 11, 6 pm, at the La Farge library. Presenter to be announced.
  • The NM MOP Board retreat is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 2.

BOD Meeting 4-15-18

  • There will be a 28th Amendment event on April 22, from 3 to 5 pm, featuring Jeff Clements, President and Founder of American Promise, at the Aldea Community Center. See flyer.
  • The NM MOP conference, Achieving a Fair Political System, is on April 28th, at the Santa Fe Community College.
  • The BOD began development of a policy on expenditures and reimbursements. Such policy is in process, and will include a form to be used when requesting funding for any event.
  • The Outreach Committee Survey is now being executed in various locations around the state. Several student volunteers will be processing data.
  • The 28th Amendment Committee shared a report created by American Promise: Government of Citizens not Money

BOD Meeting 3-21-18

  • BOD welcomed Lydia Gonzales as new Outreach intern. Lydia is working with Rebecca on the Survey Project.
  • Treasurer announced that NM MOP received an unexpected donation of $500.
  • The topic of the April General Meeting will be Evaluation – What’s Next? NM MOP members will be invited to participate by speaking about how they see NM MOP, evaluating the organization, and suggesting forward development.
  • The American Promise conference is June 22 through June 25 in Washington DC. NM MOP members are encouraged to consider attending. Discounts available.
  • The 28th Amendment Language Subcommittee has finalized their work and the BOD authorized the Subcommittee to send the finished product to American Promise, Move to Amend, and selected law professors. Document will be posted on website.
  • Board members and others are encouraged to read Moving Americans to Action-A Message Guide for Democracy Advocates (4.2MB pdf).
  • Highlands University will co-sponsor our April 28 Achieving a Fair Political System conference.
  • Robert Cordingley and Quinn Evans, NM MOP’s IT team, gave a presentation on past, present and future IT issues for NM MOP as well as some next steps.

BOD Meeting 2-19-18

  • NM MOP was approved as of 12-15-17 as “a public charity” and is “exempt from federal income tax under IRS Section 501 (c)(3).”
  • The NM MOP Mayoral Candidate Forum on February 12, 2018 was a great success.
  • HJM10 – Pass Fix It America Constitutional Amendment passed in the NM Legislature. A number of NM MOP volunteers lobbied in favor of this memorial.
  • Mayoral Candidate Alan Webber and NM Gubernatorial Candidate Peter de Benedittis have signed the American Promise 28th Amendment Candidate and Elected Official Pledge. Please contact if you are interested in joining the Pledge drive. PLEASE NOTE: NM MOP does not endorse any candidates or elected officials.
  • The NM MOP Outreach Committee Survey is ready and is beginning to be administered at grocery stores and Walmarts throughout the state, with a pilot effort in Las Vegas, NM. (Volunteers still needed – please contact
  • The NM MOP Media/PR Committee is utilizing the NextDoor system across Santa Fe. Please contact if you are a member of a NextDoor in your neighborhood and can act as a contact.
  • The NM MOP website now has a PayPal/Donate feature. (See above)
  • WolfPac will be the featured educational presentation at the NM MOP General Meeting on March 12.

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