How you can help

You could help us in our mission to remove the corrupting influence of big money in political campaigns and government and to bring democracy back to all the people in a variety of ways:

1. Take Part in Active Initiatives

We have two ongoing action initiatives at the moment:  the 28 Amendment Pledge Drive (here) and the 28th Amendment Municipal Resolution Initiative (here).  Also, each year when the NM legislature is in session, we have a strong legislative action lobbying effort that entails bill analysis and prioritization, writing and publication, notification of floor and committee hearings, and active lobbying of our state elected officials and their staff and attendance at legislative hearings.

And we will have more action initiatives in the future!

2. Join a Committee

Under the Organizations tab on the menu bar on the Home page  are  subtabs for various other NMMOP committees that perform different, very important functions for NMMOP.   Please  take a look at them to see if you see a committee that you think might be a good fit for you.  If you want to  join one or more of these  committees to help with those efforts,  you may do so by writing to us at

Areas that we really need help with at the moment are  Communications and Outreach.  We are looking for volunteers to help with NMMOP’s communications and public relations capacities.  If you have writing, editing and/or publication skills; WordPress skills and website maintenance experience; experience with Mailchimp or Constant Contact email messaging; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or other social media skills; and/or  public relations skills, and you would like to lend a hand, please write to us at

3. Take part in our LTE and Op-Ed Campaign

We need volunteers to write letters to the editor, commentaries and other opinion editorial pieces in our local newspapers about the issues and solutions pertaining to our Mission and Goals (here).  That is an important function in our effort to get the word out to our communities.  If you need guidance, we offer strategy and training for writing and publishing insightful, informative and motivating pieces.  Contact us at to learn more about this effort.

4.  Volunteer for Tabling Events

We attend various events and visit venues where we set up a table where we offer brochures and other materials pertaining to NMMOP, talk with people about what we do and the importance of taking action to help us get rid of corruption in elections and government and make the government represent and work for all the people.  We need people to help us with this effort by volunteering to sit at our table for hour(s) at a time.  If you want to help us  get our message out and meet and influence new people, let us know by emailing us at .