How you can help

You could help us in our mission to remove the corrupting influence of big money in political campaigns and government and to bring democracy back to all the people in several ways.  Under the “Organizations” tab on the menu bar on the Home page are a subtabs for various NMMOP committees that perform different very important  functions for NMMOP.   Please  take a look at them and if you see a committee who you think might be a good fit let us know.  If you want to volunteer to join one or more of these  committee to help with those efforts,  you may do so by writing to us at


Areas that we really need help with at the moment are  Communications and Outreach.   We are looking for someone to take on managing NMMOP’s communications.  We also need others to pitch in with various communications and public relations capacities.  If you have writing, editing and/or publication skills: WordPress skills and website maintenance experience: experience with Mailchimp email messaging: social media publication skills:  and/or public relations experience, and would like to lend a hand, please write to us at