The Grand Canyon Taught Me About American Politics

by Bruce Berlin

Being in a serene space put the noise of our society in perspective.


Rafting the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with my 22-year old daughter, Gioia, stirred my soul like only peak experiences can. For five days last month, we were immersed in the canyon’s magnificence, completely cut off from the outside world. What a gift! Engulfed in a timeless, hallowed space, every moment felt sacred. Continue reading “The Grand Canyon Taught Me About American Politics”

What Do We Do Now?

by Bruce Berlin

If ever there was a time to stand up and actively work for what we want our nation to be, that time is now. Our country desperately needs all of us. The future of our democracy rides on We, the people.

Today all Americans who believe Donald Trump is destroying the fabric of our American values must come together and create the strongest possible response to Trump’s white supremacist threat to our nation. Continue reading “What Do We Do Now?”