Santa Fe City Ethics Review Board Meets

The Santa Fe City Ethics and Campaign Review Board (ECRB) is scheduled to meet Thursday, August 23, at 3 pm, in the Santa Fe Council Chambers (200 Lincoln Avenue – enter from the W. Marcy Street side).  The Santa Fe Public Campaign Financing ECRB proposal is on the agenda, and it is an open meeting. Anyone who wants to attend is welcome.

This complex issue was discussed in a presentation by Paul Biderman, a member of the board,  at our July 2018 NMMOP General Meeting. As Public Financing is one of NMMOP’s stated goals, we are following and supporting this effort.

The proposal amends Santa Fe’s current Public Campaign Financing Code in a way that is intended to make the option of Public Campaign Financing more attractive and realistically competitive for all candidates, so that more candidates will choose this option. Federal rules based on Citizens United and other rulings affect public campaign financing such that it is an imperfect system. However, this proposal seeks to move Santa Fe’s municipal elections in the direction of increasing public confidence in elections, and lessening the undue influence of private funding.

The proposal was presented to the Santa Fe City Council Finance Committee in July, where it was sent back to the ECRB for more detailed information. This is the first ECRB meeting since then.

Please attend the meeting in support, to learn more about the issue, and possibly to comment.

For additional information see the Aug 19 report in the Santa Fe New Mexican.