Ranked Choice Voting in the City of Santa Fe


According to Retake Our Democracy, on Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, Judge Thomson announced an unequivocal order for the City to move forward with Ranked Choice Voting in Santa Fe for March 2018 elections.

Please be aware that the City Attorney could appeal this case to the Supreme Court and further delay implementation of Ranked Choice Voting. If you have questions or want to express your opinion regarding Ranked Choice Voting in Santa Fe, you may by contacting the Mayor, City Councilors and/or the City Attorney.

Now is the time to voice your opinion!

In addition, the City has called a Special Meeting to address this issue for Monday, December 4th, 2017, beginning at 3:30pm. The Governing Body will receive a briefing in executive session from the City Attorney’s Office and then take action in an open session to set a course forward. If you want to let the City Council now how you feel about Ranked Choice Voting, that would be a good opportunity to do so.

Below is contact information for the Mayor, the City Attorney and City Council members.

Mayor Javier Gonzales – (505)995-6511 jmgonzales@santafenm.gov

Kelley Brennan, City Attorney – (505) 955-6511 (The number rolls over to another attorney, but they will get the message) kabrennan@santafenm.gov

District 1

Renee Villarreal, District 1 Councilor, (505) 955-2345, rdvillarreal@santafenm.gov
Signe I. Lindell, District 1 Councilor, (505) 955-6812, silindell@santafenm.gov

District 2

Joseph Maestas, District 2 Councilor, (505) 955-6815, jmmaestas@santafenm.gov
Peter Ives, District 2 Councilor, (505) 955-6816, pnives@santafenm.gov

District 3

Carmichael Dominguez, District 3 Councilor, (505) 955-6814, cadominguez@santafenm.gov
Chris Rivera, District 3 Councilor, (505) 955-6818, cmrivera@santafenm.gov

District 4

Ron Trujillo, District 4 Councilor, (505) 955-6811, rstrujillo@santafenm.gov
Micheal Harris, District 4 Councilor, (505) 955-6817, maharris@santafenm.gov