Throughout its approximate five-year history, NMMOP/RUNM has chalked up a number of impressive achievements, including:

  • · March 2017—Hosted the national organization American Promise to present to over 80 persons in the Santa Fe community about the problems of big money in politics and the need for a constitutional amendment to address them
  • 2017-2021–Held over 40 public general meetings with educational and training content regarding the problems in American democracy of money in politics, political corruption, gerrymandering, the National Popular Vote, public campaign finance and more
  • February 2018—Hosted mayoral forum at Santa Fe Community College for all five candidates for Mayor of Santa Fe with more 100 persons in attendance
  • April 2018—Organized a two-day, interorganizational conference with more than  a dozen nonprofit organizations that addressed the common problem of money in politics  with more than 120 persons in attendance
  • 2018-2020—Obtained the signatures of 32 New Mexico candidates and elected officials to the American Promise pledge to work for the passage of a constitutional amendment to reform campaign finance (statistically the most successful effort among American Promise-related groups during that period)
  • 2018 NM legislation—Successfully lobbied with Fix It America, the sponsor, and the conservative nonprofit, Take Back Our Republic, for the passage of HJM 10, a resolution in favor of a constitutional amendment to reform campaign finance
  • 2019-2020–Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners, Santa Fe City Council and Los Alamos County Council adopted NMMOP/RUNM’s municipal resolution in support of constitutional amendment to reform campaign finance
  • April 2019—President of RUNM John House invited by Sen. Tom Udall to participate on panel about campaign finance and S. 949, the For the People Act
  • 2017-2021—Extensive letter to the editor/op-ed campaign for its various democracy goals resulting in over 20 submissions being published in local newspapers in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Alamos and elsewhere
  • 2018-2021—Conducted strong legislative action initiative in the NM legislature educating the New Mexico community about legislation pertaining to our democracy goals that were introduced in the annual session and lobbying to pass positive and to defeat negative legislation
  • Organized  with partners Indivisible Santa Fe and Indivisible SOS Santa Fe the November 8, 2021, Protect the Vote local rally and car caravan involving over 40 vehicles in Santa Fe, to bring visibility and awareness of the threat of the looming Big Lie that the 2020 presidential election was illegitimate as part of a national grassroots visibility campaign in over 420 cities and towns nationwide
  • Organized, with partner Indivisible Santa Fe the May 8, 2021, John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Action Day local rally event in Santa Fe as part of a national grassroots effort participated in by over 200 organizations in over 160 cities and towns nationwide
  • Organized  with partners Indivisible Santa Fe, Indivisible SOS Santa Fe, Leslie Lakind and Craig O’Hare the July 11, 2021, Deadline for Democracy local rally event in Santa Fe as part of a national grassroots effort participated in by over 200 organizations in over 160 cities and towns nationwide.  The event included featured speakers Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber, Santa Fe County Clerk Katharine Clark, NM Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and U.S. Congresswoman for NM District 3 Teresa Leger Fernandez and others and was attended by between 250 and 300 people.
  • 2020-2021  Part of over 25 member coalition of New Mexico nonprofit organizations led by Fair Districts in New Mexico working to end gerrymandering in New Mexico that culminated in a law that created the NM Citizens Redistricting Commission