Annual New Mexico legislative effort

Every year, RUNM engages in an effort to follow, report on, advocate for and urge our legislators to support proposed good pro-democracy legislation and oppose anti-democracy legislation.  This is conducted  through RUNM’s Legislative Action Committee. To have a successful advocacy effort, it takes work so we are always looking for new volunteers prior to each annual legislative session to help us with the various necessary tasks associated with the effort.  This includes tracking, analyzing, summarizing and taking positions on each piece of legislation that bears upon campaign finance or our anti-corruption goals. It also includes website, Facebook and mass mailings of the information we put together. It also consists of tracking the legislation through the course of the legislative session, advising of and attending and participating in committee hearings and floor debates.  Please contact us to let us know you want to help us with this extremely important effort. Join our legislative action team.  Send your email address with your House and Senate districts (if you know them) to  You can participate to the extent you can and work on what your skills are best suited to and what interests you.

We really appreciate your support and hope you will join us in this important work.

RUNM Legislative Action Committee