Birddogging Webinar Tonight at 6:30 pm MT

National training sponsored by RepresentUs on how to get candidates on the record telling us their stance on issues.

When: Tonight, August 28 at 6:30pm MT/8:30pm ET
What: Join RepresentUs Organizing Manager James Jameson to learn about bird-dogging – the highly effective tactic of getting candidates to go on the record with their stance on important issues. For more information, click here.
Where: Join the training webinar from your computer here.

On the webinar, you’ll learn all about bird-dogging: a simple, effective tactic to get candidates to take a public stance on policies.

Getting politicians on the record is the most critical step we can take to ensure they’ll address our democracy crisis as the emergency it is – and finally take action to fix it.

For assistance with joining the seminar or more information please contact Helen Humphries at