There are nearly two hundred NM candidates who have yet to be asked to sign the Pledge. 

Even though most of us are sheltering in place, we can still work on the 28th Amendment Pledge drive.

Step 1: Go to the list of all candidates for elected office on the Secretary of State’s website here. Choose from the list of candidates those other than judicial candidates (because they can’t take positions on matters that might come before them) you would like to contact to sign the Pledge.

Step 2: Contact Charlotte Schaaf, our Pledge Drive Coordinator by email at  Tell her the names and offices of the candidates you would like to approach to sign the pledge. Charlotte keeps a database that lists the candidates, which ones have already signed the Pledge and which our volunteers have already selected to work on to sign the Pledge. If someone else has already chosen one of your names, Charlotte will tell you and you may select someone else. The purpose of this step is to avoid the duplication of effort and perhaps annoying a candidate or his or her campaign staff. Charlotte will record your information and your selection of candidates.

Step 3: Contact the candidate. Send an email to the candidate asking him or her to sign the Pledge. This is a suggested email/letter that you may use that describes the Pledge and asks the candidate to sign. If there is no email shown on the SOS’s list, you can either go to the candidate’s website and make the request using the contact form there or you can contact the candidate by the phone number listed. The email explains how the candidate or his or her staffer can complete the Pledge process online through the American Promise website.  It also says that you would be glad to assist by sending the signed pledge, photo and personal statement from the candidate if he or she has difficulty completing it directly on line through the American Promise site.

Step 4: Follow up in a week or so with the candidate if the candidate or a campaign staffer doesn’t respond to your email. Ask if the request was received and if you can help answer any questions. If you still do not receive a written response, try calling the candidate’s campaign office.  Persistence is the trick. Keep it up as long as you feel comfortable until the candidate signs the Pledge.

Step 5 :Thank the signer in an email or telephone call after he or she has signed and provide follow up materials, inviting them to stay actively involved with the 28th Amendment movement, American Promise, and NMMOP. Getting a candidate or elected official is a beautiful beginning to developing an ongoing relationship, in preparation for future collaboration and partnering on common goals. For this, you can use or adapt the form email/letter.

Step 6:  Report back to Charlotte the results of your effort. She will then update the database with your information.

This kind of grassroots effort is really not very difficult or time consuming. But the significance of it is monumental. Most advancements that have been achieved in civil rights didn’t begin at the federal level. Change typically starts from the ground up, at the local level first, and then the state level.  When a certain number of cities, towns and states have signed on, a tipping point is reached and change is finally made on the federal level. Women’s suffrage, interracial marriage and intersex marriage all took this path.

So please,  join us in this effort!