Letter from Lawrence Lessig about Two New Supreme Court Cases

Big news on the legal front!

Today I received an email letter from Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig advising that the U.S. Supreme Court has accepted for review two cases regarding the question whether federal Electors from a given state  must vote the presidential candidate who wins the most votes in their state.  See below!

John House, President


Great news: the Supreme Court just agreed to hear two major cases we brought about presidential electors and whether they are legally compelled to vote for the candidate that won the most votes in their respective states! The Supreme Court decides to hear only a tiny percentage of all the cases that come before it, so this announcement is just more evidence that our two-pronged strategy is working. Slowly but surely, the combination of our legal cases and our advocacy will make impactful changes to our democracy. Each day, we get closer to our goals. And today we took a particularly big step forward.

For an explainer about these cases—what the legal issues are, who are clients are, and how this relates to the way we select the president—see this webpage on our site. We’ll also have much more to come on these as we head for an oral argument this spring and a decision by the Fourth of July. But for now, thanks for your continued support.