Santa Fe Save the Post Office Rally a Big Success

There were over 1,000 rallies held nationwide on Saturday, August 22, 2020, as people gathered peacefully to show support for the United States Postal Service. Public outrage has grown about revelations about how the new postmaster general’s decisions have slowed down the mail. The American people are frustrated that yet one more stalemate in the U.S. Senate is blocking funding to the post office it desperately needs to be able to fulfill its duties around election time.

In Santa Fe, around 50 people carrying signs gathered in front of the main post office located at 120 S. Federal Place (see photos above) and there were around 25 to 30 protestors also at the 120 S. Pacheco Street location.

Several national organizations including MoveOn and our Declaration for American Democracy coalition partner, People’s Action, had called for people across the country to get out and show their support. Here, in Santa Fe, citizen Roxanne Darling answered MoveOn’s call and RUNM and Indivisible Santa Fe joined her in getting out the word and bringing people together.

The events across the country brought national attention to the harm that was being caused by delivery slowdowns for thousands of Americans and the looming threat to the right to vote of persons who will choose to vote by mail or vote absentee during the current Covid-19 pandemic. How about a shout out to those who turned out on that day!


John House