The Challenge and Opportunity of this Historic Time

by Bruce Berlin

We are living in an unparalleled time in our country’s history. While we are in the midst of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, the country, perhaps the whole world, is also on the verge of a second Great Depression. Our lives will never be the same.

I believe the universe, Mother Nature, some supernatural force is telling us to “stop.” Take a “time out.” Go inward and take stock of our lives, as individuals, as a community, as a country, and as a planet. Given the need to stay-at-home to prevent the spread of the virus, this is the perfect time for reflection.

An ancient Chinese proverb offers wise guidance: “In every crisis, there’s opportunity.” While we are a divided nation, the Coronavirus crisis has given us the opportunity to come together to fight this common enemy. People of all backgrounds, political persuasions, income levels and ethnicities — whether they are medical professionals in hospitals or drivers delivering groceries — are risking their lives to provide care and support for all of us.

As we progress in the effort to overcome the Coronavirus, can we use this opportunity to create a new beginning? Can we all come to understand that when we work together, we are all better off?

At this critical juncture in our history, we must not go back to the way things were before the pandemic crisis struck. We must use this singular experience to inspire us. Together we can reshape our country into one that serves the common good, not just the interests of the well-connected and the very wealthy. Let’s seize this opportunity, create a new vision of America and remake our country. Please join New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics in this vital work.

Bruce Berlin is the founder of New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics.

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