Nonpartisanship and Cross-partisanship Policy

RepresentUs New Mexico (RUNM) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate people about problems within our democracy, and to restore ethical and honest government that will represent and work for all New Mexicans and all Americans. Likewise, RUNM does not support, endorse or oppose any candidate or political party.

RUNM engages in issues and activities with the primary goal of protecting and strengthening American democracy. These activities will benefit all and are embraced by a majority of Americans. Consequently, they are, by definition, nonpartisan.

In order to achieve these critical democratic reforms, it will be necessary for a majority of Americans to work together. Accordingly, RUNM invites persons of any and all political affiliations and ideological perspectives to join it in working in a cross-partisan manner. RUNM believes that this is the essence of democracy in action.

RUNM fully respects the constitutional rights its officers, directors, members, volunteers, subscribers and agents to freely participate fully in the political process in their own individual capacities. At the same time, the board of RUNM is committed to furthering its nonpartisan goals and to working with everyone, regardless of his or her political affiliations and/or ideological views. Accordingly, the following guidelines apply when speaking or acting for, or otherwise representing, RUNM:

1. While acting in the capacity of an officer, director, member, volunteer or agent of RUNM, as opposed to acting solely in his or her individual capacity, no person shall make orally or in writing any negative or derogatory statements about, or denigrate or ridicule, any political figure or other public figure, or any private person regarding his or her political affiliations or ideological views. When acting in such capacity in posting or referring to statements or writings by third parties in any RUNM or public publication, such remarks shall be redacted or omitted.

2. While acting in the capacity of an officer, director, member, volunteer or agent of RUNM, no person shall campaign for or against, endorse, support or oppose any candidate for public office.

3. Notwithstanding the policy statements set forth in paragraphs 1 and 2 above, RUNM does not endorse or engage in censorship. To the contrary, it is committed to the truth and dedicated to bringing the facts to light concerning the ills presently affecting democracy in America and to proposing solutions for them. Accordingly, nonpartisanship does not require the censorship, or omission of demonstrably accurate, factual statements pertaining to the influence of money in politics or other issues affecting our democracy. Therefore, it shall not be prohibited for someone speaking, writing or otherwise representing RUNM to refer to the comments or actions of political or other public persons or parties inasmuch as they pertain to RUNM’s goals, initiatives and actions. On the other hand, statements of pure opinion about such persons or parties shall be avoided.

4. No officer or director of RUNM shall serve in any capacity as an official in a political party or run for or serve as a public elected official at any level of government. While acting in his or her RUNM capacity, each officer and director will also refrain from any activity which supports any candidate for public office or a political party. Before any officer or director engages in any partisan political activity, he or she will inform the board of his or her intention and discuss with the Board whether that activity will compromise the nonpartisan and cross-partisan policies of RUNM.

5. Before an officer or director of NMMOP accepts appointment to a government committee, commission, or board, implications of the appointment will be discussed with the Board.

6. If the Board determines that a position or activity under paragraphs 4 or 5 above would compromise or be perceived to compromise RUNM’s nonpartisan or cross-partisanship policies, the officer or director will either forgo the position or activity, or will resign from his or her position within RUNM before pursuing such action or accepting such position.

7. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a volunteer, member, subscriber or agent of RUNM may serve on any public board, commission, committee, coalition or other public body. However, that person shall not represent, or hold him- or herself out as representing RUNM unless he or she has been officially designated as a RUNM representative by the RUNM board. Once RUNM takes a position on an issue, no officer, director, volunteer, member or agent speaking or acting for RUNM in public shall express an opinion, or participate in or support of any activity, that is in direct opposition to RUNM’s position on the matter.

8. Because of RUNM’s strong belief in and defense of the rights of free speech and assembly protected by the U.S. Constitution, the speech or political activities of a spouse or relative of a RUNM officer, director, volunteer or member are to be considered as separate and distinct from the activities of the related officer, director, volunteer, member or employee.

9. Every text, whether it be original or from another source that is published in any medium by someone speaking for or representing RUNM, that contains a reference to a political figure or party, whether favorable or unfavorable, shall contain the following disclaimer:

“DISCLAIMER: RepresentUs New Mexico is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and works on a cross-partisan basis with persons of all political affiliations and ideological perspectives to accomplish its goals. The intent of any reference to a political person or party made in the text above is to call attention to the statement or action made by such person or party that pertains to one of or more of our goals, not to show favor or disfavor to such person or party.”

adopted by the board of directors of RUNM on October 15, 2019.