Vision, Mission & Goals

“PACs corrupt the system. They handle vast amounts of money and the money corrupts.” – Paul Ryan

“It should be the power of our vote not the size of our bank accounts that drive our democracy.” – Barack Obama

“I personally think money in politics on any level is horrible. I’d like to see a set amount and have every candidate spend it. Have it be completely transparent. But actually getting to that spot, as we have learned through all the legislation over the decades, is very difficult.” – Rick Santelli, editor, CNBC Business News

Our Vision

Our vision is a well-informed, engaged citizenry and a government that truly represents and serves the best interests of all the people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote ethical government that adheres to the Constitution, respects the rule of law and serves the public good.

Our Goals

1. Reform our campaign finance laws through a constitutional amendment  allowing  governments  to impose reasonable limits on campaign contributions as well as spending, and legislation and/or court decisions  requiring full disclosure and transparency.

2. Establish public financing for all federal, state and local elections.

3. Enact lobbying reforms at the federal, state and local levels so that all of us are fairly represented, and the “revolving door” between government and wealthy organizations or individuals is eliminated.

4. Eliminate the rigging (gerrymandering) of congressional and state representative districts so that every citizen is fairly and equally represented in Congress and our state legislatures.

5. Protect  the integrity of the election process and the right and ability of every citizen to vote in order to  ensure that every citizen’s vote counts equally.

6. Enact anti-corruption, ethics and conflict of interest laws that apply to federal, state and local executive officials, legislators and judges.

Pursuant to our vision, mission and goals, RUNM supports other democracy reform initiatives such as the National Popular Vote, open primaries, ranked-choice voting and reform of the appointment process for federal judges.