Join us to make a difference!

If you believe that our current political system desperately needs reform, work with us to make major changes.

We will:

• Keep you informed about critical issues and events.
• Provide opportunities to meet with others to discuss current issues and develop plans for action.
• Provide training in outreach activities that help you effectively communicate with opinion leaders about our goals.
• Provide opportunities to effect change.

How you can help:

• Write and/or call elected officials and opinion leaders to inform them of the critical issues we face and persuade them to act.
• Attend legislative sessions and meet with elected officials and opinion leaders along with RUNM leaders and others to educate them about our issues.
• Attend RUNM and national RepresentUs meetings, workshops, and conferences to become informed and take action on the most current and vital issues.
• Educate your friends and networks about RUNM and the importance of eliminating corruption from our political system. Encourage them to join and take action.
• Help us grow to be a more powerful voice in our community.
• Use your skills and experience to improve and expand RUNM.

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